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RICOH FP-RGST Extension Tube Kit

RICOH FP-RGST Extension Tube Kit


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Unlock Precision Vision with RICOH FP-RGST (C90100) Extension Tube Kit

Experience unparalleled precision with the RICOH FP-RGST (C90100) Extension Tube Kit, designed for machine vision and industrial applications. Crafted by experts in the field of imaging technology, this extension tube set offers a seamless integration between lens and camera, allowing for a shift in focus points beyond mechanical limits, crucial for achieving impeccable close-up focus.

Ideal for industries requiring meticulous quality inspection and precise manufacturing processes, the RICOH FP-RGST (C90100) Extension Tube Kit delivers exceptional optical performance. Whether used in pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, or any sector demanding flawless vision systems, this kit ensures clarity and accuracy, enhancing productivity and reducing errors.

With a commitment to innovation and excellence, RICOH has engineered this extension tube set to meet the stringent demands of industrial automation. Its compatibility with a range of machine vision lenses makes it a versatile asset for various applications, from microelectronics to food processing.

Unlock precision vision with the RICOH FP-RGST (C90100) Extension Tube Kit. Perfect for machine vision applications, enhance close-up focus for superior performance. Buy now!


  • Precision close-up focusing
  • Seamless integration with lenses
  • Enhanced optical performance


  • Quality inspection
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Industrial automation
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