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RICOH FP-RGZ5 (C90101) 1/2MM Spacer

RICOH FP-RGZ5 (C90101) 1/2MM Spacer


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RICOH FP-RGZ5 (C90101) 1/2MM Spacer: Precision Imaging Solutions

The RICOH FP-RGZ5 (C90101) 1/2MM Spacer stands out in the realm of machine vision lenses with its precision engineering and versatility. As an extension tube of 0.5mm and 31mm diameter, this spacer lens is designed to enhance the imaging capabilities of machine vision systems. Crafted by RICOH, a renowned name in optical components, this spacer ensures optimal performance in various industrial and machine vision applications.

Customers in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, electronics, and pharmaceuticals benefit significantly from the RICOH FP-RGZ5 Spacer. Its precise construction enables accurate imaging, facilitating quality inspection, defect detection, and production line automation. Whether it's capturing intricate details in component inspection or ensuring precise measurements in production processes, this spacer lens delivers unmatched performance.

Unlock precision imaging with RICOH FP-RGZ5 Spacer. Perfect for industrial and machine vision applications. Get yours now!


  • Precision-engineered 1/2MM Spacer
  • Compatible with RICOH lenses
  • Enhances imaging accuracy
  • Durable construction for industrial environments


  • Quality inspection
  • Component inspection
  • Production line automation
  • Defect detection
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