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Tamron 13FG04IR-SQ 1/3" 4mm F/1.2 Infrared Lens with Auto Iris

Tamron 13FG04IR-SQ 1/3" 4mm F/1.2 Infrared Lens with Auto Iris


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Enhance Your Machine Vision Systems with the Tamron 13FG04IR-SQ Infrared Lens

Product Spec Sheet

USA Security Systems Inc. proudly offers the Tamron 13FG04IR-SQ 1/3" 4mm F/1.2 Infrared Lens with Auto Iris, a high-performance lens designed for machine vision and industrial applications. Known for its precision and reliability, Tamron lenses are a trusted choice in the industry. The 13FG04IR-SQ model features a CS mount, making it compatible with a variety of cameras and systems.

This lens supports 1/3"-type sensors, providing a horizontal angle of view of 66.2° and a vertical angle of view of 50°, ensuring comprehensive coverage. It also supports 1/4"-type sensors with slightly narrower angles. With a focal length of 4mm and a minimum focus distance of 0.2 meters, this lens is perfect for capturing detailed images in close-up scenarios.

The manual focus capability allows for precise adjustments, while the DC auto iris feature ensures optimal exposure under varying lighting conditions. Additionally, the lens is IR corrected, making it suitable for both visible and infrared light imaging.

Ideal for applications in industrial automation, quality control, and surveillance, the Tamron 13FG04IR-SQ delivers high-resolution, high-contrast images, enhancing the performance of machine vision systems. Invest in this robust and versatile lens to elevate your imaging solutions.


  • CS mount compatibility
  • Supports 1/3"-type and 1/4"-type sensors
  • 4mm focal length
  • Manual focus for precise adjustments
  • DC auto iris for optimal exposure
  • IR corrected for visible and infrared imaging
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • High-resolution and high-contrast imaging


  • Industrial automation
  • Quality control
  • Surveillance systems
  • Robotics vision systems
  • Assembly line inspection
  • Medical imaging equipment
  • Scientific research
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