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Tamron 13FM06IR 1/3" 6mm F/1.2 CS-Mount Manual Lens

Tamron 13FM06IR 1/3" 6mm F/1.2 CS-Mount Manual Lens


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Tamron 13FM06IR 6mm F/1.2 CS-Mount Manual Lens

Product Spec Sheet

Introducing the Tamron 13FM06IR 6mm F/1.2 CS-Mount Manual Lens, a reliable choice for industrial and machine vision applications requiring exceptional clarity and precision. This lens boasts a 6mm focal length with a fast F/1.2 aperture, enabling sharp imaging in various lighting conditions. With manual focus and iris controls featuring lock mechanisms, users can achieve precise adjustments to suit specific imaging requirements.

Weighing only 30g and designed for robustness, the Tamron 13FM06IR operates flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C, ensuring reliability in challenging environments. It's ideal for integration into automated inspection systems, quality control processes, and surveillance setups where reliable and accurate imaging is essential. Whether used in manufacturing environments, industrial automation, or security systems, this lens enhances operational efficiency and accuracy.


  • CS-mount lens
  • 6mm focal length
  • Fast F/1.2 aperture
  • Manual focus with lock
  • Manual iris with lock
  • Lightweight design (30g)


  • Industrial automation and robotics
  • Quality control inspection
  • Machine vision systems
  • Surveillance and security systems
  • Precision imaging in varied lighting conditions
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