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Tamron 23FM08L 2/3" 8mm F/1.4 High Resolution C-Mount Lens with Lock

Tamron 23FM08L 2/3" 8mm F/1.4 High Resolution C-Mount Lens with Lock


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Enhance Your Industrial and Machine Vision Systems with the Tamron 23FM08L Lens

Product Spec Sheet

The Tamron 23FM08L 2/3" 8mm F/1.4 High Resolution C-Mount Lens is a premier choice for enhancing industrial and machine vision applications. Known for its exceptional optical quality and precision, this lens features a manual focus with a lock mechanism, ensuring stability and accuracy in various operational environments. With an aperture range of 1.4 to 16, the Tamron 23FM08L allows for excellent light control, making it suitable for both low-light and well-lit conditions.

This lens is designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial imaging and machine vision systems. Its compact size, with an overall length of just 1.1 inches and a weight of 48 grams, allows for easy integration into existing systems without adding significant bulk. The 2/3" sensor size compatibility and C-mount type make it versatile for various imaging devices. Additionally, the minimum object distance of 10.2 inches and a wide field of view angle ensure detailed and expansive coverage.

Ideal applications include quality control inspection, security surveillance, robotics, and automated production lines, where high-resolution and precise imaging are crucial. With the Tamron 23FM08L, businesses can achieve superior image quality, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy.


  • High-resolution 2/3" 8mm F/1.4 lens
  • Manual focus with lock
  • C-Mount type
  • Compact and lightweight (48g)
  • Wide field of view angles
  • Excellent light control with an aperture range of 1.4 to 16
  • Minimum object distance of 10.2 inches


  • Quality control inspection
  • Security surveillance systems
  • Robotics and automation
  • Automated production lines
  • Precision measurement systems
  • Vision-guided systems
  • Industrial imaging solutions
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