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Tamron 23FM75L 2/3" 75mm f/3.9 High Resolution C-Mount Lens with Lock

Tamron 23FM75L 2/3" 75mm f/3.9 High Resolution C-Mount Lens with Lock


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High-Performance Tamron 23FM75L Lens for Industrial and Machine Vision Applications

Product Spec Sheet

Tamron is renowned for producing high-quality lenses that cater to a wide array of imaging needs. The Tamron 23FM75L 2/3" 75mm f/3.9 High Resolution C-Mount Lens is a prime example of their expertise in optical technology. This lens is specifically designed for high-resolution machine vision and industrial applications, offering exceptional clarity and precision.

The 23FM75L lens features a focal length of 75mm and an aperture range of f/3.9 to f/32, making it versatile for various lighting conditions. It supports a 2/3" sensor size and provides a horizontal field of view of 6.9° and a vertical field of view of 5.2° on a 2/3" imager. This narrow field of view is ideal for detailed inspections and applications requiring high magnification.

Both the focus and iris settings can be manually adjusted and locked, ensuring stable and consistent performance during prolonged use. The lens has a minimum object distance of 19.7 inches (0.5 meters), making it suitable for close-up inspections. With a compact design, featuring an overall length of 2.6 inches and a weight of 68 grams, it is easy to integrate into various machine vision systems.

Industries such as manufacturing, quality control, and automation can significantly benefit from this lens. It is perfect for tasks like product inspection, measurement, and monitoring, where precision and reliability are paramount.


  • 75mm focal length
  • High-resolution optics
  • Manual focus and iris with lock
  • Suitable for 2/3" sensor size
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Minimum object distance: 19.7 inches
  • Aperture range: f/3.9 to f/32


  • Product inspection
  • Quality control
  • Automation systems
  • Detailed measurements
  • Monitoring and surveillance
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