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Tamron M111FM08 1/1.8" 8mm F/1.4 Lens with Lock for Mega Pixel Cameras

Tamron M111FM08 1/1.8" 8mm F/1.4 Lens with Lock for Mega Pixel Cameras


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Enhanced Vision with Tamron M111FM08 8mm F/1.4 Lens

Product Spec Sheet

Tamron is renowned for its innovative machine vision lenses, exemplified by the M111FM08 8mm F/1.4 lens designed for megapixel cameras. These lenses are crafted with superior optical technology, ensuring exceptional clarity and performance in close-focus scenarios. Whether used in industrial inspection, quality control, or intelligent transport systems (ITS), the Tamron M111FM08 excels with its ability to handle image sensors ranging from 1/1.8” to 1.1” and pixel sizes down to 2.5µm.

This versatility makes it ideal for applications requiring high sensitivity and resolution, such as license plate and face recognition in ITS. Businesses benefit from Tamron’s commitment to delivering lenses that meet the rigorous demands of modern image processing, ensuring reliable performance and precise image capture.


  • Superior optical technology
  • Designed for megapixel cameras
  • Wide aperture of F/1.4
  • Close-focus capability
  • Lock mechanism for security


  • Industrial inspection
  • Quality control
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  • License plate recognition
  • Face recognition

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