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Tamron M118VP1250IR 5 Mega Pixel Near IR Corrected Lens

Tamron M118VP1250IR 5 Mega Pixel Near IR Corrected Lens


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Tamron M118VP1250IR 5 Mega Pixel Near IR Corrected Lens

Product Spec Sheet

Tamron M118VP1250IR lenses are renowned for their exceptional clarity and versatility in industrial and machine vision applications. Designed with a focus on precision and reliability, these lenses feature a 12-50mm focal length range and a wide aperture of 1.4, making them ideal for capturing detailed images in various lighting conditions. The P-Iris technology ensures optimal image quality and depth of field control, while the bi-polar excitation capability enhances performance in near-infrared spectrum applications.

Applications benefiting from Tamron M118VP1250IR lenses include automated inspection systems, robotics, quality control processes, and surveillance systems. Whether used for defect detection on production lines or monitoring critical infrastructure, these lenses deliver consistent results. Their robust build quality, coupled with manual focus and zoom functionalities, allows for precise adjustments tailored to specific imaging requirements. Tamron's commitment to innovation ensures that these lenses meet the stringent demands of modern industrial environments, providing reliable performance across a range of imaging tasks.

Enhance your industrial vision systems with Tamron M118VP1250IR lenses. Perfect for precise imaging in varying conditions. Contact us for expert advice.


  • 5MP resolution with near IR correction
  • CS mount compatible
  • Manual focus and zoom with lock
  • P-Iris for enhanced image quality
  • Bi-polar excitation for near-infrared applications


  • Automated inspection
  • Robotics
  • Quality control
  • Surveillance
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