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VS Technology SV-2514H Megapixel Fixed Focal Length Lens

VS Technology SV-2514H Megapixel Fixed Focal Length Lens


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VS Technology SV-2514H Megapixel Fixed Focal Length Lens: Enhancing Industrial Vision Solutions

Product Spec Sheet

In the landscape of machine vision and industrial lenses, VS Technology stands as a beacon of precision and reliability. The SV-2514H Megapixel Fixed Focal Length Lens epitomizes this commitment, offering unparalleled clarity and adaptability for a myriad of industrial applications. Engineered with cutting-edge optics, these lenses support 2/3" sensors, ensuring high-resolution imaging essential for intricate inspection tasks.

Each of the 13 available models boasts a versatile focal length range from 6mm to 100mm, catering to diverse field-of-view requirements across various industries. The adjustable iris and focus empower users to fine-tune their imaging parameters, guaranteeing optimal performance in any environment. Moreover, all models come filter-ready, streamlining integration with additional accessories for enhanced functionality.

Industrial automation, image processing, and precision manufacturing are just a few domains that benefit immensely from the SV-2514H's capabilities. Whether inspecting intricate components for defects or monitoring production lines for quality assurance, these lenses deliver unmatched clarity and accuracy, ensuring seamless operations and superior product quality.

With VS Technology SV-2514H Megapixel Fixed Focal Length Lens, elevate your industrial vision systems to new heights of performance and reliability. Experience the difference in clarity and precision today.


  • Adjustable iris and focus
  • Filter-ready design
  • Wide range of focal lengths
  • High-quality optics for superior imaging
  • Support for 2/3" sensors


  • Industrial automation
  • Image processing
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Quality assurance
  • Surveillance systems
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