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VS Technology VS-1214H1 1" Support, SWIR Fixed Focal Length Lens

VS Technology VS-1214H1 1" Support, SWIR Fixed Focal Length Lens


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Unlocking Precision with VS Technology VS-1214H1 1" Support, SWIR Fixed Focal Length Lens

Product Spec Sheet

Elevate your machine vision and industrial imaging capabilities with the VS-1214H1 lens from VS Technology. Engineered for precision, this SWIR fixed focal length lens offers exceptional clarity and versatility. With 1" support and f6 - 100mm focal lengths across 7 models, it's tailored to meet diverse industrial demands. Its impressive F1.4 brightness is ideal for high-speed CMOS sensors, ensuring unparalleled image quality even in dynamic environments. Whether you're conducting detailed inspections or monitoring high-speed processes, this lens delivers crisp, high-resolution images.

The VS-1214H1 boasts low distortion and high contrast, providing accurate imaging across various applications. Its C-mount compatibility enhances flexibility, allowing seamless integration into existing systems. Designed to support megapixel resolutions, it captures intricate details with precision. From automated inspection systems to robotics guidance, this lens empowers industries with reliable imaging solutions. Experience enhanced quality control in manufacturing, semiconductor inspection, and PCB assembly verification.

Upgrade your security systems, enhance your automation processes, and optimize your industrial imaging applications with the VS-1214H1 lens. Invest in precision, invest in reliability—shop now and revolutionize your machine vision experience.


  • 1" support with f6 - 100mm focal lengths
  • F1.4 brightness for high-speed CMOS sensors
  • Low distortion & high contrast
  • C-Mount compatibility
  • Megapixel resolution support


  • Automated inspection systems
  • Robotics guidance
  • Quality control in manufacturing
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • PCB assembly verification
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