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VS Technology VS-25085/M42 Fixed Focal Length Lens with F/0.85 for High Speed Cameras

VS Technology VS-25085/M42 Fixed Focal Length Lens with F/0.85 for High Speed Cameras


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Precision and Speed Redefined: VS Technology VS-25085/M42 Fixed Focal Length Lens

Product Spec Sheet

In the realm of industrial and machine vision applications, where every millisecond and every detail matters, VS Technology stands as a beacon of precision and innovation. The VS-25085/M42 Fixed Focal Length Lens is a testament to this commitment, offering unmatched speed and accuracy for high-speed cameras.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this lens boasts a remarkable F/0.85 aperture, providing unparalleled brightness and clarity in even the most challenging environments. Whether it's capturing fast-moving objects or inspecting intricate details, this lens ensures every frame is crisp and precise.

Designed specifically for high-speed cameras, the VS-25085/M42 lens excels in demanding industrial settings. Its 4/3" sensor support and M42 mount with P=1.0 compatibility make it a versatile choice for a wide range of imaging systems. Additionally, its floating system guarantees consistent performance at any magnification, while minimizing distortion and maximizing contrast.

From industrial automation to quality control, this lens finds its place in various machine vision applications, where reliability and accuracy are non-negotiable. Whether it's inspecting manufacturing processes, guiding robotic arms, or monitoring product quality, the VS-25085/M42 lens elevates performance and productivity.

Experience the next level of precision and speed with VS Technology. Upgrade your machine vision capabilities today and discover the difference that exceptional optics can make in your operations.

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