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VS Technology VS-FT12HV Wide Angle Fixed Focal Length Lens

VS Technology VS-FT12HV Wide Angle Fixed Focal Length Lens


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Experience Precision with VS-FT12HV Wide Angle Fixed Focal Length Lens

Product Spec Sheet

At the forefront of industrial and machine vision lens technology, VS Technology presents the VS-FT12HV Wide Angle Fixed Focal Length Lens, designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial imaging environments. Engineered with precision, this lens boasts a focal length of 12mm and a minimum object distance of 150mm, ensuring crisp imaging at varying distances. Its wide angle of view, optimized for 12MP 1.1" sensors, captures intricate details with exceptional clarity.

A standout feature of the VS-FT12HV is its built-in liquid focusing technology, enabling seamless adjustments from 150mm to infinity with unparalleled accuracy. This innovative feature enhances flexibility and efficiency in capturing images across diverse industrial applications. With optional liquid focusing lens driver and cables, users can further optimize performance according to specific requirements.

Ideal for industrial automation, quality control, robotics, and beyond, the VS-FT12HV excels in applications where precision and reliability are paramount. Whether inspecting manufactured components, monitoring production lines, or guiding autonomous systems, this lens delivers consistent and high-quality imaging results.

Experience precision imaging with the VS-FT12HV Wide Angle Fixed Focal Length Lens. Perfect for industrial and machine vision applications. Order now from USA Security Systems Inc. 


  • 12mm focal length
  • Wide angle of view
  • Built-in liquid focusing technology
  • Adjustable focus from 150mm to infinity
  • Optimized for 12MP 1.1" sensors
  • Optional liquid focusing lens driver and cables


  • Industrial automation
  • Quality control inspection
  • Robotics guidance
  • Production line monitoring
  • Autonomous systems vision
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