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VS Technology VS-LTC5-80CO-45/S Line Scan Telecentric Lenses

VS Technology VS-LTC5-80CO-45/S Line Scan Telecentric Lenses


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High-Performance Line Scan Telecentric Lenses

Product Spec Sheet

Unlock the full potential of your industrial imaging systems with the VS Technology VS-LTC5-80CO-45/S Line Scan Telecentric Lenses. Designed specifically for large format line scan sensors, these lenses deliver exceptional performance in machine vision applications. With support for sensors ranging from 21 to 45mm in diameter, they ensure high-resolution telecentric imaging across a wide range of setups.

The VS-LTC series boasts 21 models, each meticulously crafted for reduced shading, adjustable depth of field (DOF), and telecentric design. These lenses are engineered to capture images with superior clarity and precision, outperforming conventional lenses by providing a wider field of view without sacrificing magnification. Moreover, select mount adaptors such as M42, TFL, and M58 ensure seamless integration with various camera systems, offering versatility and ease of use.

Whether inspecting large-scale industrial components, conducting quality control in manufacturing, or optimizing production processes, these telecentric lenses excel in diverse applications. They enhance accuracy, minimize distortion, and improve image quality, enabling reliable and efficient machine vision solutions. Elevate your imaging capabilities with VS Technology VS-LTC5-80CO-45/S Line Scan Telecentric Lenses for unparalleled performance and precision.


  • M52 Mount
  • High-resolution telecentric imaging
  • Reduced shading for improved clarity
  • Adjustable depth of field (DOF)
  • Telecentric design eliminates distortion
  • Wide sensor support from 21 to 45mm
  • Versatile mount adaptors available


  • Industrial inspection and quality control
  • Manufacturing process optimization
  • Precision measurement and metrology
  • Semiconductor and electronics production
  • Automotive assembly and testing
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