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VS Technology VS-MC08H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens

VS Technology VS-MC08H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens


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Experience Unmatched Vision Precision with VS Technology VS-MC08H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens

Product Spec Sheet

VS Technology is a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge machine vision and industrial lenses, with a focus on unparalleled quality and reliability. The VS-MC08H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Designed for 1" format, this lens offers versatility and precision with focal lengths ranging from 8mm to 50mm across six models. Its innovative changeable iris plate system, featuring Fno 1.4/5.6/8, ensures optimal performance in varying lighting conditions. Additionally, the threaded iris plate system securely locks the iris in place, preventing dust generation from vibration for uninterrupted operation. The torque body facilitates easy mounting control, further enhancing installation efficiency.

Elevate your industrial vision systems with the VS-MC08H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens. Experience unmatched precision and reliability for machine vision in rugged environments. Upgrade today for sharper insights!


  • High resolution lens for 1" format
  • Changeable iris plate system (Fno 1.4/5.6/8)
  • Threaded iris plate system for secure locking
  • Torque body for easy mounting control
  • Versatile focal lengths (8mm - 50mm)


  • Automated inspection
  • Quality control
  • Robotics
  • Surveillance
  • Object recognition
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