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VS Technology VS-MC12H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens

VS Technology VS-MC12H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens


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VS Technology VS-MC12H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens: Enhancing Industrial Vision Systems

Product Spec Sheet

In the realm of industrial and machine vision, precision and durability are paramount. VS Technology's VS-MC12H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens stands as a testament to this ethos, embodying excellence in every aspect. Crafted meticulously for the 1" format, this lens is a pinnacle of optical engineering, delivering unparalleled clarity and precision to industrial imaging systems.

The VS-MC12H1 boasts a focal length of 12mm, facilitating detailed imaging even in challenging environments. Its modular design allows for flexibility, with a changeable iris plate system ranging from Fno 1.4 to 8, ensuring optimal performance across various lighting conditions. The threaded iris plate system secures the iris firmly in place, mitigating the effects of vibration and preventing dust generation, thereby enhancing longevity and reliability.

Moreover, the torque body design simplifies mounting procedures, offering effortless control for seamless integration into vision setups. Whether inspecting intricate components or monitoring production lines, the VS-MC12H1 excels, empowering industrial applications with unprecedented vision capabilities.

Experience superior imaging with VS Technology's VS-MC12H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens. Optimize your industrial vision systems with precision and durability. Elevate your vision today!


  • High resolution lens for 1" format
  • Changeable iris plate system (Fno 1.4/5.6/8)
  • Threaded iris plate system for secure locking
  • Torque body design for easy mounting control


  • Quality inspection
  • Robotics guidance
  • Object recognition
  • Automated production
  • Surveillance systems
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