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VS Technology VS-MC25H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens

VS Technology VS-MC25H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens


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VS Technology VS-MC25H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens for Industrial Vision Systems

Product Spec Sheet

The VS Technology VS-MC25H1 High Resolution Ruggedized Lens is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of industrial and machine vision applications. With a focal length of 25mm and support for 1" format, this lens ensures exceptional clarity and detail in imaging. Its ruggedized construction makes it suitable for harsh industrial environments, providing durability and reliability in critical operations.

Featuring a changeable iris plate system with Fno 1.4/5.6/8 options, the VS-MC25H1 offers versatility in adapting to various lighting conditions, allowing for precise control over image quality. The threaded iris plate system further enhances stability by locking the iris in place, preventing dust generation from vibration.

The torque body design facilitates easy mounting and adjustment, streamlining installation and ensuring optimal positioning for accurate imaging. Whether used in quality inspection, robotics, or surveillance systems, the VS-MC25H1 delivers consistent performance, making it an indispensable component in industrial vision setups.

Experience unparalleled imaging clarity with the VS Technology VS-MC25H1 High Res Ruggedized Lens. Perfect for industrial vision, order now for superior quality!


  • 1" support
  • Changeable iris plate system
  • Threaded iris plate for stability
  • Torque body for easy mounting
  • Precision optics for clear imaging


  • Quality inspection
  • Robotics
  • Surveillance systems
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