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Watec WAT-2400S IP Camera

Watec WAT-2400S IP Camera


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Experience the Power of the Watec WAT-2400S IP Camera

Product Spec Sheet

Unveil the cutting-edge Watec WAT-2400S IP Camera, boasting a 1/2.8" BSI CMOS sensor for unparalleled image quality. This IP HD camera delivers a resolution of 1920x1080, ensuring crystal-clear visuals for industrial and machine vision applications. With its high sensitivity and resolution, it's a game-changer in the field of digital imaging solutions.

The camera's network capabilities make it perfect for security applications, offering seamless integration into existing systems. Whether used in medical imaging for precise diagnostics, hobbyist projects for capturing intricate details, or rapid deployment scenarios where every second counts, the Watec WAT-2400S excels. Its compact design and robust construction ensure reliability even in demanding environments. Elevate your surveillance capabilities and enhance operational efficiency with the Watec WAT-2400S IP Camera.


  • 1/2.8" BSI CMOS Sensor
  • High sensitivity
  • High resolution (1920x1080)
  • IP HD camera
  • Compact design


  • Medical imaging
  • Industrial automation
  • Security surveillance
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