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Watec WAT-06U2 1/2.8" Compact USB2.0 Full HD Color Camera

Watec WAT-06U2 1/2.8" Compact USB2.0 Full HD Color Camera


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Harness Precision with Watec WAT-06U2 Compact USB2.0 Full HD Color Camera

Product Spec Sheet

The Watec WAT-06U2 camera is a powerhouse designed to elevate machine vision and industrial applications to new heights. With its compact design and USB2.0 connectivity, this camera seamlessly integrates into any setup, providing unparalleled clarity and precision. Its 1/2.8" sensor delivers a resolution 1.3 times higher and sensitivity 4 times higher than its predecessor, ensuring crisp, detailed images even in challenging environments.

Equipped with an internal Image Signal Processor (ISP), this camera optimizes image quality for various applications, from quality control in manufacturing to surveillance in security systems. The USB Video Class and USB Bus Power support plug & play functionality, simplifying installation and operation. Additionally, the included viewer software empowers users to customize camera settings and capture images effortlessly.

Ideal for embedded applications, the Watec WAT-06U2 camera offers a versatile solution for industrial automation, robotics, and surveillance systems. Its robust design and advanced features make it a reliable choice for professionals seeking uncompromising performance in machine vision applications. Experience the future of vision technology with Watec.


  • Compact design with USB2.0 connectivity
  • 1/2.8" sensor delivers 1.3 times higher resolution
  • 4 times higher sensitivity than previous models
  • Internal Image Signal Processor (ISP) for optimal image quality
  • USB Video Class & USB Bus Power for plug & play functionality
  • Viewer software for easy camera settings adjustment and image capture


  • Quality control in manufacturing processes
  • Robotics and automation systems
  • Inspection of products and components
  • Surveillance and security systems
  • Research and development in vision technology
  • Integration into embedded applications for various industries
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