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Watec WAT-1100MBD P3.3 1/3.2” High Sensitivity Miniature Board D/N Camera

Watec WAT-1100MBD P3.3 1/3.2” High Sensitivity Miniature Board D/N Camera


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Unveiling the Watec WAT-1100MBD P3.3 Miniature Board Camera

Product Spec Sheet

Delve into the cutting-edge Watec WAT-1100MBD P3.3, a miniature board camera revolutionizing surveillance and industrial inspection. Boasting high resolution (750 TVL) and extraordinary low light capabilities with a minimum illumination of 0.005 lx at F1.8 (AGC 54dB), this camera ensures unparalleled image clarity even in challenging environments. Its ultra-compact design, measuring only 23 x 23 x 34 mm, facilitates seamless integration into various systems, while the OSD (On Screen Display) interface empowers customization for diverse applications.

With advanced settings accessible through an optional controller, adaptability is maximized, catering to unique user requirements. Featuring ICR Mechanical-less Day/Night function and 2DNR ON with adjustable levels, it guarantees optimal performance in any lighting condition. Whether for surveillance, security, industrial inspection, or POV functions, the Watec WAT-1100MBD P3.3 excels, promising reliability and precision. Elevate your surveillance technology with this state-of-the-art solution.


  • High sensitivity with min. illumination of 0.005 lx at F1.8 (AGC 54dB)
  • Ultra-compact design measuring only 23 x 23 x 34 mm
  • Wide dynamic range and ICR Mechanical-less Day/Night function
  • Advanced settings available via OSD (On Screen Display) with optional controller
  • 2DNR ON with adjustable levels for noise reduction


  • Surveillance systems
  • Security monitoring
  • Industrial inspection tasks
  • POV (Point of View) functions
  • Integration into UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) platforms
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