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Watec WAT-2500 1/2.8 Rolling Shutter Color Camera

Watec WAT-2500 1/2.8 Rolling Shutter Color Camera


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High-Resolution Industrial Camera for Enhanced Machine Vision

Product Spec Sheet

The Watec WAT-2500 1/2.8 Rolling Shutter Color Camera is a cutting-edge solution tailored for industrial and machine vision applications. Designed as a direct drop-in replacement for the 250D2 series, it boasts super low light color capabilities in analog HD, ensuring unparalleled performance in surveillance and security systems.

This CCD camera features a 1/2.8-inch sensor, delivering over 540TVL resolution for crystal-clear imagery. Operating at 12VDC, it utilizes the AD901 1212P5 power supply, offering versatile compatibility. With multiple versions available (NTSC1/NTSC2/PAL1/PAL2), it suits various regional requirements seamlessly.

In low-light conditions, the WAT-2500 shines, achieving remarkable sensitivity levels of 0.006lx at F1.2 with AGC HIGH set to 72dB and the shutter off. Even in extreme darkness, it excels, reaching an astounding 0.0004lx at F1.2 with AGC HIGH and shutter set to x15, ensuring critical details are captured with clarity.


  • High-resolution 1/2.8-inch CCD sensor
  • Super low-light sensitivity for enhanced surveillance
  • Analog HD capability for crisp imagery
  • Versatile power supply compatibility (12VDC)
  • Multiple versions to meet regional standards


  • Security and surveillance systems
  • Industrial inspection and monitoring
  • Machine vision applications
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