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Watec WAT-3200 High Sensitivity 3G/HD-SDI B&W (Monochrome) Camera

Watec WAT-3200 High Sensitivity 3G/HD-SDI B&W (Monochrome) Camera


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High Sensitivity 3G/HD-SDI B&W Camera

Product Spec Sheet

Experience the power of the Watec WAT-3200, a high sensitivity 3G/HD-SDI B&W camera designed for industrial machine vision applications. Utilizing a 1/2.8-inch BSI CMOS image sensor with impressive NIR sensitivity, this camera delivers exceptional performance in low-light conditions, capturing clear and detailed images even in challenging environments.

The Watec WAT-3200 boasts full HD 1080/60p resolution with a 3G-SDI/HD-SDI interface, ensuring seamless connectivity and compatibility with a range of systems. Its low latency ensures real-time image transmission, crucial for applications requiring immediate feedback and response.

With a minimum illumination of 0.0001 lx Fl.4 and 0.000007 lx Fl.4 in AGC HIGH=72dB mode, this camera excels in capturing high-quality images in extremely low-light conditions. The camera offers various function settings, including OSD, remote controller, RS-232 communication, and more, allowing for flexible customization to suit specific application requirements.

The Watec WAT-3200 is well-suited for a wide range of industrial and machine vision applications, including security systems, surveillance, industrial automation, and more. Its compact design, high sensitivity, and robust features make it an invaluable asset for professionals seeking reliable and high-performance imaging solutions.


  • 1/2.8-inch BSI CMOS image sensor with high sensitivity
  • Full HD 1080/60p resolution with 3G-SDI/HD-SDI interface and low latency
  • Exceptional low-light performance with minimum illumination of 0.0001 lx Fl.4
  • Flexible function settings including OSD, remote controller, and RS-232 communication
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy integration into various systems


  • Security systems
  • Surveillance
  • Industrial automation
  • Quality control
  • Robotics
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