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Watec WAT-3500 1/2.8” Rolling Shutter Monochrome Camera

Watec WAT-3500 1/2.8” Rolling Shutter Monochrome Camera


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Unveiling the Watec WAT-3500 Monochrome Camera: A Precision Imaging Solution

Product Spec Sheet

Discover the cutting-edge Watec WAT-3500 1/2.8” Rolling Shutter Monochrome Camera, meticulously engineered for industrial and machine vision applications. This advanced camera sets a new standard with its remarkable minimum illumination of 0.0001lx (color) / 0.000007lx (B&W), ensuring unparalleled clarity even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

As a direct drop-in replacement for the 910HX series, the Watec WAT-3500 seamlessly integrates into existing setups, offering a hassle-free upgrade path for enhanced imaging performance. Its analog HD capability elevates imaging clarity to new heights, while the OSD menu control, accessible through the RC-01, provides unprecedented flexibility and control over camera settings.

Equipped with a 1/2.8 sensor, this camera delivers high-resolution images, making it ideal for applications that demand precision and accuracy. From industrial imaging to machine vision, surveillance systems to security solutions, the Watec WAT-3500 caters to a diverse range of industries and applications, empowering users to achieve superior imaging results with ease.

Upgrade your imaging capabilities today with the Watec WAT-3500 Monochrome Camera and experience the difference in clarity, precision, and control it brings to your industrial and machine vision systems.


  • Super low light performance: 0.0001lx (color) / 0.000007lx (B&W)
  • Analog HD capability for clear imaging
  • OSD menu control accessible through RC-01
  • 1/2.8 sensor delivers high-resolution images
  • Direct drop-in replacement for 910HX series


  • Industrial imaging
  • Machine vision
  • Surveillance systems
  • Security solutions
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