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Watec WAT-902B Hi-Res B/W CCTV Camera, 570 TVL, 1/2" CS Mount, 0.003 lux @ F1.4

Watec WAT-902B Hi-Res B/W CCTV Camera, 570 TVL, 1/2" CS Mount, 0.003 lux @ F1.4


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Unveiling the Cutting-Edge Capabilities of Watec WAT-902B Camera

Product Spec Sheet

The Watec WAT-902B is an advanced high sensitivity camera engineered for industrial and machine vision applications. Boasting a sophisticated design, it features a 1/2 inch Interline transfer CCD image sensor for exceptional image quality. With its RCA video out and auto iris connection, integration into security systems is seamless. This camera offers versatile performance with features like shutter speed control, electronic iris, flickerless mode, and backlight compensation, ensuring optimal image capture in various lighting conditions.

The WAT-902B delivers impressive resolution with 570TV lines (center), making it ideal for precise monitoring and analysis tasks in industrial settings. Its remarkable low light performance, with a minimum illumination of 0.003 lx @ F1.4, ensures clear imaging even in challenging environments. The camera's CS-mount lens mount provides flexibility for different optical configurations, while its compact design and robust construction make it suitable for diverse installation requirements.


  • High sensitivity for low light conditions
  • RCA video out and auto iris connection
  • Shutter speed control for versatile imaging
  • Electronic iris for precise exposure control
  • Flickerless mode for stable video output
  • Backlight compensation for balanced images
  • CS-mount for flexible lens options


  • Quality control and inspection in manufacturing processes
  • Surveillance and monitoring in industrial facilities
  • Traffic monitoring and management systems
  • Robotics and automation for precise guidance and object recognition
  • Medical imaging and diagnostics for accurate analysis
  • Agricultural monitoring and analysis for crop management
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